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2009 Most Valuable Panners

Evan Simonitsch
Kyle Brule

THRU 2014: TOTAL GAMES (3,017); WINS (1,978); LOSSES (1,039)

All-Time Leading Champions
51 Seasons of Championship Baseball

The Alaska Goldpanners have won the NBC national championship tournament six times, a feat unequaled by any other club.  In addition to the NBC tournament, the Goldpanners have captured numerous other state, national and international championships.  Alaska League success is underscored by two seven-year league championship stretches (1962-1968 & 1978-1984).  The decade of the 90s saw the Goldpanners win five league championships.

Amazing Panner to Major Leagues Mark Reaches 197!
Brooks Conrad (99-00) & Mike Cervanek (98)

 No less than 188 former Goldpanners have ascended to the major leagues coming off 37 of the teams - averaging 5 Goldpanners per team to reach the pinnacle of the sport.  The record of sending Goldpanners to the major leagues is not even remotely challenged by any other single summer amateur team.   The latest to reach the majors from the Goldpanners is Oakland Athletics infielder Brooks Conrad.   With his elevation, the 2008 Oakland A's reprised a Panner  middle infield, as Brooks rejoins 1999 Goldpanner Bobby Crosby.

goldpanners to mlb

Baseball Popular in the Far North
Games Called at Midnight Where the Spell of the Yukon Reigns

Baseball has always been the great game in Alaska.  When the Klondike was booming there were four semi-professional clubs in that city, and twice each week every one with any life or ambition was present.  Stores were closed up, and thousands of dollars changed hands on each game.

In the North baseball games are called at 8 o'clock in the evening, and on June 21st games are called at midnight, it being as light then as it is in Seattle at 7 o'clock.  In all the wide world there are more real, genuine fans to the population in Alaska than elsewhere. 

more... | midnight sun game

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Tom Seaver - 60's All StarsDave Winfield - '71-'72

Recollections of an Original Gold Panner

Growden Memorial Park, Fairbanks AK "this diamond is not only the geographic pinnacle of baseball, it's the spiritual pinnacle as well." Jim Caple, ESPN

Located near intersection of Wilbur and Airport Rd.  | Stadium lights visible from McDonald's on Airport



2009 Collegiate Ranks - Alaska Goldpanners in Amateur Baseball Touching the Game, Alaska
DVD released Nov. 30th

12/21/9: 2010 Listing of Collegiate Goldpanners - Including 2010 Alaska Goldpanners Pre-Season Roster

12/20/9: John Herbst (64) USC Baseball Captain Passed away on October 8

12/19:9: Evan Simonitsch/Jesse Meaux From Glendale to the Great White North “It was good for me to go to Alaska because I got to play in all of the games and I learned a lot of different things that can help me out.”

“I got to live the Alaskan lifestyle, but we were also playing baseball all the time. I was able to get some great experience starting and facing great competition.”

12/16/9: ABCA Convention Goldpanner Clinicians:

  • Scott Striklin - "Catching Skills and Drills"
  • Brent Strom  - "Blending: The Art of Improving or Enhancing the Rate in Which Movement Patterns Transfer from Our Practicfe, Training or Drill to Game Time."

Hey Goldpanners, You're 50!

12/6/9: 1988 Midnight Sun Game

1968 Yearbook in Japanese (.pdf file) Used During Goodwill Tour

Aztec Baseball Names Eric Valenzuela (97-98) Pitching Coach

8/17/9:  "That breeze you feel from the north is the Fairbanks Goldpanners sighing in relief."The Goldpanners weren't even playing Saturday, but they were among the winners when the Anchorage Glacier Pilots were denied a sixth championship at the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kan."

8/4/9: Bret Lachemann (09) Where baseball burns bright “It’s good to coach the college kids again, to see the College World Series kids from (Arizona State University), to see the level of dedication and how good the kids are,” Lachemann said. “I got a chance to deal with the college guys on an everyday basis. It was a great way to get that fix. It’s good for me because I’ve been coaching high school and I can go back and probably be a little tougher on our guys. You guys say you want to play college baseball? You gotta work your butt off.”

8/1/9: Bud Hollowell - Five Decade Goldpanner

7/30/9: Schafer, Pollak, Brule named to ABL All-Star Team



"Timmons went outside to get out of trouble and into the Goldpanners’ annals."


AK: 2pm vs. Oilers / Kamloops: Game One, Game Two, Game Three

7/24/9: Graham steps down as Belgrade manager - "The biggest highlight of my career was bringing the Alaska Goldpanners in and being able to coach the college kids from Montana.”


"Dennis said the people of Fairbanks have kept the Goldpanners afloat for 50 years, and they have truly made the team their own."

7/6/9: Red Boucher: Alaskan Progressive "I had been soured on Democratic politics by the Vietnam war and Humphrey's losing 1968 campaign against Nixon, but Red got me involved in politics on the local level. He convinced me that if I wanted the party to change, I needed to work for change at the local level"

7/5/9: Land of Midnight Baseball "It gets kind of dusky like when you’re at a ballgame and they’re about to turn the lights on, but you don’t need lights. You start to get some shadows, then the sun comes up again."

"At one point the sky turned really pink," Jablonski said. "But the sun never went past the horizon. It was really cool. I’ve never played in front of a crowd that big."

More than 4,000 boisterous fans attended the game. The game is halted briefly at midnight for the singing of a traditional Alaskan folk song.

"They were chanting the whole game," Yinger said. "The sun went down and literally came right back up. "It was awesome. It made the whole trip worth it. It was a great atmosphere." 6/26/9: All you ever wanted to know about Tom Seaver in Fairbanks ("The reincarnation of Christy Mathewson") "The impossible seemed to have occurred. Seaver’s 11-2 record at Fresno City College earned the recruiting attention of Rod Dedeaux. He was a legitimate fastball artist. Dedeaux called him the “phee-nom from San Joaquin.”  But Dedeaux needed to know for sure that he could compete for the Trojans. “I only have five scholarships to give out,” the coach told him. Before the ride would be offered, Seaver would have to prove himself with the Fairbanks, Alaska Goldpanners.

Today, collegiate summer baseball is a well-known commodity. Many scouts place more credence on a player’s performance in one of these leagues than they do on their college seasons. The Cape Cod League uses only wooden bats, which proves to be a great equalizer for pitchers and a shock for aluminum-bat sluggers who find themselves batting .250 on the Cape. Summer ball has a long tradition in Canada, where American collegians test themselves in such exotic locales as Red Deer, Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton. The Kamloops International Tournament in British Columbia has attracted some of the fastest baseball for decades. The Jayhawk League, consisting of teams from Boulder, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, plus Kansas and Iowa, was once a leading destination for college players. The California Collegiate Summer League, consisting of teams from the Humboldt Crabs in the north to the San Diego Aztecs in the south, has produced many stars in its various forms over the years.

But the Alaskan Summer Collegiate League is the most legendary. Over time, the league became the Alaska-Hawaii League, with teams flying in for extended road trips on the islands and the “land of the midnight sun.”

“The team was put together by a man named Red Boucher,” said former Met pitcher Danny Frisella, who was a teammate of Seaver’s in Fairbanks. Boucher was the Mayor of Fairbanks. “He got all the best young ball players up there.” Andy Messersmith of the University of California became a 20-game winner with the California Angels. Mike Paul pitched for Cleveland. Graig Nettles played for Minnesota. USC quarterback Steve Sogge, a baseball catcher, played on that team. Rick Monday was an All-American at Arizona State, where he was a teammate of Reggie Jackson and Sal Bando in a program that captured the 1965 National Championship (also producing Mets’ pitcher Gary Gentry). In the very first amateur draft ever held in 1965, Monday became the first player chosen, by the Kansas City A’s.

“Monday was there the year I was and he couldn’t even make our team,” said Frisella. “I think 13 guys were signed off that team. It was semi-pro ball, and we played eight games a week. We didn’t get paid. Not for playing ball. But I earned $650 a month for pulling a lever on a dump truck. And I didn’t have to pull the lever too often.”

June 21st GameTracker - 104th Midnight Sun Game
6/21/9: Midnight Sun Game Audio Highlights (.mp3 file)

6/14/9: Film Crew Captures Essence of Midnight Sun Four Massachusetts filmmakers spent two years following the teams in the Alaska League. They sent me an advance copy of the DVD, and it is about as in-depth a look at the world of Alaska baseball that we might ever see.


June 9, 1984 — They’ve all played here before.

In 24 years, the likes of Dave Winfield, Craig Nettles, Tom Seaver, Tim Wallach and Steve Kemp have graced the hallowed walls of Growden Memorial Park in the baseball uniforms of the Alaska Goldpanners.

Now, it’s the Page Odles, the Kevin Basts, the Troy Evers et al who are the new boys of summer.

Tonight, the 25th edition of Fairbanks’ non-professional baseball club, the Goldpanners, renews its annual romance with the Golden Heart City.

6/13/9: Calling all Goldpanners!

6/12/9: Goldpanners Annouce "Alaska 50 Tour" as part of Team's Regular 2009 Season

6/11/9: Goldpanners in the College World Series

6/10/9: Early Season Shuffles

4/18/9: Baseball Greats Named to Interior's Hall of Fame

2/24/9: College First Week:

  • SacState: Shortstop Derrick Chung (09R) did his part, knocking in a run in the 5th and 7th innings, but the Arizona bullpen showed some of its 2008 magic, not allowing the Hornets to have any multi-run innings.

  • Tokarz went 2-for-5 and hit a grand slam but it was not enough as the Lions tagged Eastern junior starting pitcher Tyler Kehrer (09R) for seven earned runs in 3 1/3 innings.

2/11/9: College Baseball Blog Interviews:  Steve Rousey, Scott Striklin, Gary Henderson
2/8/9: Nigel Morton (08) Fairbanks product: now Infielder at Treasure Valley
2/3/9: Jason Hisey (88) Ironwood Ridge, AZ, HS Hires Hisey
2/1/9: Ryan Platt (07) Received Scholarship to play for UC Riverside

1/17/9: Mike Rooney (00) Arizona State Director of Special Projects and External Affairs Having already spent six years in the ASU Baseball program, Rooney is one of the longest tenured members of the baseball program in school history. 1/8/9: Reid Hamblet (04) Pitching Coach at Judson College
12/19/8: Gary Henderson (89) Henderson ready to lead Kentucky



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2009 Picture Page

2010: Schedule/Results • Statistics & Pictures || 2010 ROSTER  • Jim Dietz • Dan Cassidy • Jerrod Riggan • Ron Vaughn // Zach Arneson • Liam Baron • Jarod Berggren • Kyle Brule • Ryan Cabral • JT Chargois • Derrick Chung • DJ Crumlich • Jake Dziubczynski • Drew Firebaugh • Derek Grieve • Simon Kudernatsch • Matt Mardesich • Chase McDowell • Martin Medina • Brian Nelson • Colton Plaia • Kyle Richter • Kevin Roundtree • Jesse Sikorski • Evan Simonitsch • Jake Stewart • Mike Tauchman • Sean Timmons • Derek Wilson • Elliot Van Gaver • Matt Vedo • Austin Wooldridge // PannerVision: Smith Barber • Zach Vawter-Scoggins, Broadcasters ; Tom Dennis, Production & Camera

12/14/9: Interview with 2010 Goldanner Darian Sanford "I am not trying to sound arrogant, but I feel I should have been in the top 5 in both lists because of the type of season I had. My biggest step from college to the pros would be my swing from the left side. It's good but not as good as I want it to be. I think I can hit any pitching but I am working on developing more power."

10/1/9: 2010 Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks Team Pre-Season Roster

7/18/9: Glacier Pilots' offense too much for Goldpanners In a fight to stay alive in the Alaska Baseball League title race, the Pilots defeated the Alaska Goldpanners 9-7 on Saturday night at Growden Memorial Park

7/16/9: Goldpanners gain ground as four scramble for first place in ABL The Alaska Goldpanners needed just one inning to stay in the thick of the Alaska Baseball League title hunt.

7/15/9: McCarthy throws 1-hitter for Panners - The Goldpanners pitcher was in absolute control of Tuesday night's game

Mike McCarthy Complete Game One Hitter ; Audio Highlights

7/12/9: Goldpanners sweep first-place Miners to open road trip “The Alaska Goldpanners extended their winning streak to four games as they swept the Mat-Su Miners in a doubleheader."

7/11/9: Panners sweep Bucs to complete successful homestand By Matias Saari And both teams got a little riled up after the Alaska Goldpanners' 9-1 pasting of the Bucs

7/7/9: Panners rally late to take down Bucs

7/4/9: In the land of "continual sunlight" - "After dinner and the Midnight Sun Festival, Brad and I attended the 104th Midnight Sun Game hosted by the Alaska Goldpanners. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. The game started at 10:30 at night and went until about 1 am. The whole game was played under natural light. The furthest the sun went down was a little bit under the horizon but it never got dark. It was neat seeing baseball played under those conditions and to see how much the community supported that game, as over three thousand people attended the game. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go to the game."

7/3/9: Alaska Goldpanners baseball tour stops in Longview Monday, Tuesday Longview turns golden on Tuesday.  A touring team representing the legendary Alaska Goldpanners baseball club will take on the Red Lion Senior American Legion squad at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at David Story Field in an exhibition matchup.

7/2/9: Goldpanners escape jams for victory over Miners A diving catch and a bizarre play helped the Alaska Goldpanners clinch a 2-1 win Wednesday over the Mat-Su Miners

6/30/9: ESPN: San Diego Chicken Deserves Hall Call "My guy? Ted Giannoulas, aka the San Diego Chicken.

"They've got a players' wing [in the Hall of Fame]," Giannoulas said. "They've got a broadcasters' wing. And I hope one day they'll have a chicken wing."

6/29/9: Panners knock off Bucs for third straight ABL victory The Goldpanners scored two runs in the second inning to take a 2-1 lead, and never trailed after that. They added a run in the third, two more in the four, another in the sixth and a pair in the seventh.


2009 Pictures - Page Two

6/28/9: Panners sweep Fire for first ABL wins

Thank you Jarod!  10 RBI in 11 Games  Good luck in 2010


Aaron Torres - Touching the Game: Alaska "Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks head coach Tim Gloyd announced Wednesday that Sacramento State pitcher Jesse Darrah will take the mound Sunday night, when the Goldpanners host the Lake Erie Monarchs in the 104th edition of the Midnight Sun Game.

H.A. (Red) Boucher

Film Details Red Boucher's Involvement in Alaskan Baseball

Boucher's Vision Changed Baseball in Alaska - “We had a remarkable relationship from the moment I met him in 1964,” Dennis said. “He was one of those guys that when you met him you knew you would never forget him. There are so few who genuinely stand out that way.”

His family said Boucher earned his lifelong nickname after President Franklin Roosevelt met the red-haired boy and said, “They ought to call you Red.” The family said he ended up in Alaska after campaigning for a young senator from Massachusetts by the name of John F. Kennedy, who told him there was great potential in the far north territory.

Former Fairbanks mayor, Goldpanners founder 'Red' Boucher dies at 88


6/18/9: Dan Pastorini: A Message from Dan Pastorini - 2009 Alumni Inductee
6/18/9: Controversy arises at second base in Goldpanners loss

2009 Goldpanners Yearbook
(large pdf file)

6/17/9: Evan Simonitsch - by Aaron Torres
6/17/9: Alaska Goldpanners rout Fairbanks Adult All-Stars - Three Alaska Goldpanners pitchers combined on a two-hitter to pave the way for a 17-0 win over the Fairbanks Adult All-Stars in Tuesday night’s exhibition baseball game at Growden Memorial Park.

2009 Picture Page

Heroes of the Game : Derrick Chung (HR) ; Sean Timmons (W#34)


6/11/9: Shorthanded Goldpanners Open ABL Season “Whether we’re ready or not, we’re going to put a team on the field,” Dennis said with a chuckle earlier this week. Usually the Panners open the season with a series of exhibition games against teams from Outside, then begin the ABL season. Since the ABL expanded from 35 to 45 league games this season, the exhibition games are intermingled with the regular season action."


Game Ends on Called Third Strike by Timmons

2009 Picture Page

Don Dennis and Jim Dietz

2/29/9: AK Hall of Fame welcomes inductees "H.A. "Red" Boucher founded the Alaska Goldpanners in Fairbanks and helped push Alaska baseball into national prominence in the 1960's. One of many future big leaguers to play for Boucher was Tom Seaver who observed that Boucher instilled such a sense of unity and pride in his players "that there still remains a feeling of brotherhood among us fortunate enough to have played for him."

1/8/9: Reid Hamblet (04) Pitching Coach at Judson College

Lake Erie Monarchs - 2009 Midnight Sun Series 1/5/9: Lake Erie Monarchs to Play in 104th Midnight Sun Game “To be able to represent the Great Lakes League and the Great Lakes region in the Midnight Sun game is one of the greatest opportunities our organization will have ever taken part in,” stated Jim DeSana, the Monarchs General Manager.




Tom Seaver (64-65)

10/31/7: MSG: 1965 Midnight Sun Game Ends Dramatically with a Strikeout - Tom Seaver (64-65) vs. John Herbst (64)

Goldpanners Put Fairbanks on International Stage

1920 Midnight Sun Game Picture
Poems of Klondyke's Early Days and Alaska's Long White Trail
By Fred Crewe - 1921

  • Midnight Baseball- Only in Alaska "The game starts at 10:30 pm - and is played without the aid of artificial lights." Red Boucher former lieutenant governor tells the story of the birth of the Alaska league." (Footage of Nancy DeLeon and 2000 Goldpanners)

  • Luke Winn: The Alaska Pipeline "A rugged, no-frills league in the Last Frontier State has funneled almost 400 college players to the majors and kept fans in Fairbanks up late each June with its quirky Midnight Sun Game " / The Ultimate Summer Road Trip (Begins in Fairbanks!) "But the price of gas (very high) will be offset by the price of food and tickets (cheap to all-you-can-eat/free, respectively). Most importantly, it will all be worth it when you can say you ventured from Alaska on June 21 -- site of the Alaska League's legendary Midnight Sun Game -- and then crisscrossed the country, making it to New Orleans in time for Labor Day." / Photo Gallery

  • Dodge Magazine - 2007 Midnight Sun Game


12/1/9: Mike Cervenek (98) Named Player of the Week in the Mexican Pacific League

Brad Mills (son Beau '06) Named Houston Astros Manager 10/10/9: Brendan Ryan (02) St. Louis' Brendan Ryan is a man of character

10/9/9: Giambi's advice to young Rockies pays off

10/6/9: Brendan Ryan (02) Ryan taking playoff run in stride

10/5/9: Brendan Ryan (02) Ryan on verge of personal milestone "Even a 3-for-3 day at the plate couldn't keep Brendan Ryan out of manager Tony La Russa's dog house. "

Jason Giambi League of their own Jason Giambi's home run for Colorado on Saturday was his first in the National League, after 14 1/2 seasons and 407 homers in the American League. And it left just two hitters among the top 20 active home-run leaders who have hit all their long balls in the AL --Alex Rodriguez (579) and David Ortiz (313). There are five in the top 20 whose home runs have come in the NL only --Chipper Jones (425), Albert Pujols (366), Todd Helton (324), Adam Dunn (315) and ance Berkman (311).

Giambi delivers for Colorado Rockies

7/24/9: Ryan Garko (00) Garko could be next on the trade block "If Garko was making the Major League minimum or something close to it, his position on the active roster would not be much of an issue. But that won't be the case beyond 2009. Garko is entering arbitration-eligibility this winter, and if you look at his comparables around the league, he's in line for a hefty raise."

  • Ryan Robowski (08) pitched 1 2/3 scoreless, hitless innings - on just 14 pitches - to pick up the win.

7/20/9: Brooks Conrad (99-00) Round Rock Ex-Press: Brooks Conrad "Conrad was recently promoted to the MLB on July 3, where his bat caught fire quickly for the Braves. He is receiving nice playing time, and has now logged 13 games this season (more than doubling his career high in games). Similar to his Triple-A Express call up, the second baseman’s switch must have been flipped again: he’s hitting .344 with 2 homeruns, 8 RBI, and 6 runs in his 32 at-bats."

  • Jamestown's Sequoyah Stonecipher (07) sent a high fastball into the left-field picnic deck for a two-run homer in the first.

7/12/9: Q&A with Dan Pastorini

Pinch-hitter Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP) hit a go-ahead three-run homer in the seventh inning and the Atlanta Braves beat the Washington Nationals 9-8 on Friday night for their season-high fifth straight win.  "Huge thrill, obviously the best experience I've had in the big leagues," Conrad said. "It was only 12 days last year. It just feels awesome to come up in a situation like that and contribute right away."Emerson Frostad (03) is batting .369 in June (24-for-65) with 6 doubles, a triple, homer and 10 RBIs.

Bill "Spaceman" Lee (66-67-08) He Came From His Vermont Farm "Lee was asked on Sunday how effective he remained at his advanced baseball age. And, no surprise, he hesitated not at all.  "Let's put it this way," Lee answered. "On June 21st of last year, I won the 103rd Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks, Ala., after losing the 62nd Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks, Ala., on June 21st in 1967. So, 41 years, three wives, four children and five grandchildren later, I go back and beat the kids who are supposed to be the next generation of big-league ballplayers. As Casey Stengel said, you can look it up."  I did, and it was true. Before a roaring crowed of 4,900, Lee went six-plus innings, allowing four runs on seven hits while striking out three to earn the win in the Alaska Goldpanners' 10-6 victory over the Southern California Running Birds. And never mind, as he said, that those young Birds could have caught his fastball with their teeth.  You see, he won. And he won the old-fashioned way."

6/12/9: Dakota Watts (07) Oroville alum Watts drafted by Twins

2009 Pre-Season Rostered Players in Draft

1st Round, Comp., 48th pick -- Tyler Kehrer (LAD)
3rd Round, 96th - Brett Wallach, (LAD)
No. 477 Ryan Cavan, Giants
No. 486 Ryan Robowski, Diamondbacks

Panner Alumni in Draft

No. 286 Jon Pokorny (08), Brewers
No. 428: Seqouyah Stonecipher (07), Marlins
No. 486 Ryan Robowski (08-09R), Diamondbacks
No. 492 Dakota Watts (07), Twins
No. 531 Jeremy Gillan (08), Angels
No. 564 Chris Tremblay (07 MVP), Padres
No. 571 Dustin Garneau (08), Rockies
No. 826 Ryan Platt (07), Milwaukee
No. 861 Carson Andrew (07)

  • Bobby Crosby (99) has kept his cell phone close at hand over the past week or so because his wife, Gina, has been expecting their first child, a boy.  Crosby got the call in the seventh inning of the A's 3-0 victory over Baltimore on Sunday, and Manager Bob Geren told him to head to the hospital immediately. "He got a phone call and his wife was in labor in the hospital," Geren said after the game. Crosby started at first base, and Jack Hannahan replaced him for the top of the eighth.

  • Las Vegas' Jason Lane (96-97) doubled twice and Aaron Mathews (03) drove in two with a single

Carlos Fisher winning pitcher in MLB Debut

Carlos Fisher - GP2MLB#197!

5/24/9: Carlos Fisher (04) GP2MLB#197  - Fisher had spent the first six weeks of the 2009 season with the Reds Triple-A affiliate, the Louisville Bats. Fisher made 13 appearances for the Bats, all in relief, and went 2-0 with a 2.00 earned run average (18 IP, 11 H, 4 BB, 21 SO).

Kris Medlen (05) Set for MLB Debut  - GP2MLB#196
"Braves pitcher Kris Medlen will have to wait a little longer for his big-league debut. Because of a change in plans after Sunday’s rainout, the 23-year-old right-hander is set to start Thursday against Colorado, instead of Tuesday."  "Generously listed as 5-foot-10, Medlen dominated hitters in the International League, where he was 5-0 with a 0.96 ERA and .152 opponents’ average. He had 44 strikeouts and 10 walks in 37 1/3 innings."

Ron Romanick (80) - Bullpen Coach ; Todd Steverson (89) - First Base Coach;  Jason Giambi (90) - First Base; Adam Kennedy (95) - Second Base ;  Bobby Crosby (99) - Third Base

Bill "Spaceman" Lee wins 2008 Midnight Sun Game

3/17/9: Emerson Frostad (03) Promoted to MLB camp with Indians
3/16/9: Ryan Garko playing outfield: A good deal for Cleveland Indians "There's no negatives to it other than if you're selfish," said Garko. "I don't think anyone in this locker room is like that and I'm not going to be like that. "It's only going to help the team. It's only going to help my career if I can play another position. To be negative about it wouldn't be very intelligent."
3/11/9: Sung-Wei Tseng (RHP, Chinese Taipei): 1 game, 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 HR, 0 BB, 4 K, 1.00 WHIP after Chinese Taipei was eliminated by China, 4-1.
3/8/9: Bob Gallagher - Cardboard God "When he was at his peak as a player, winning those championships with the Alaska Goldpanners, Bob Gallagher must have felt as if there were flecks of gold in his veins. He had learned how to hit, perhaps learned so well he forget where he’d learned it. It all felt as natural as water running down a stream, as blood flowing from the heart."
3/6/9: Brooks Conrad (99-00) Conrad gives G-Braves big bat "I'm going to do everything I can in spring training to make the Braves," the young center fielder said before the start of the Grapefruit League games. "Of course, I want to be in Atlanta. (But) if I'm sent to Gwinnett, I'll be excited to open the new stadium there."
3/5/9: Fathers and Sons: Mills
3/3/9: Second baseman Adam Kennedy may be good fit with Tampa Bay  "La Russa insisted Monday he wasn't angry at Kennedy, whom he has "tremendous professional and personal respect for" — a point he plans to make in a future phone call. La Russa said it just wouldn't have been a good fit, with the Cardinals planning an open competition (converting outfielder Skip Schumaker into a second baseman), and Kennedy wanting to be "the guy."
2/25/9: Donny Baarns (07 Broadcaster) Interview with Visalia Media Relations Manager Donny Baarns

On top of pile . . . on top of world

Here's another in a series of memories from the 2008 championship season.  Utility infielder Mike Cervenak (98) had his first big-league hit during the Phillies' championship season of 2008, but that wasn't his favorite memory. "My favorite memory was jumping on the pile after Game 5 of the World Series," said Cervenak, 32, whose first pro contract was in the Frontier League in 1999. "To come from independent-league ball to be part of a world-championship team was even more memorable than my first hit."  Cervenak was on top of the celebratory pile, and he has a souvenir picture of it.  "I was one of the later guys to get out there," he said. "Me and Greg Golson slapped five, hugged, and ran out there."
  2/19/9: TB Rays sign Kennedy to MiLB deal
2/14/9: Emerson Frostad (03) Calgary hopeful eyes MLB promotion "It's a moment Greg Maddux likely doesn't remember, but one Emerson Frostad will never forget. It's been almost two years since Frostad, a Calgary product climbing the ranks in the Texas Rangers system, ripped a double off the four-time Cy Young winner and sure-thing Hall-of-Famer in a spring training outing, but his voice still bubbles with enthusiasm as he recounts the tale.  "That was definitely a highlight," Frostad said. "(Maddux) tried to throw a fastball in and I hit a double down the right field line ... I don't even think I could feel my feet touching the ground. I was pretty jittery. It was pretty exciting."
2/12/9: Mike Couchee (76) Padres roving instructor arrives in Portland
1/29/9: Mosiello (89) Named Auburn Kernels manager Mosiello has four years of professional experience in the Yankees organization including a 129-98 (.568) record as the manager of the Charleston RiverDogs of the South Atlantic League. He was named the interim manager with the Battle Creek Yankees in 2004, compiling a 59-50 record in the MWL.
1/28/9: Aaron Heilman (98 MVP) Cubs acquire Heilman "The former Mets first-round Draft pick (2001, 18th overall) spent most of the last four seasons as a New York reliever, pitching exclusively out of the bullpen the last three years. He had his best season in 2007, posting a 3.03 ERA in 81 games -- fifth most in the National League that year"
1/26/9: Jason Lane (96-97) Lane signs MiLB deal with Toronto
1/23/9: Bobby Crosby (99) Crosby hitting stride with 'Big Mac'
1/16/9: Bill "Spaceman" Lee (66-67-08) "I've won more games than Satchel Paige," Lee argued. "I'm the winningest Alaska pitcher with the lowest ERA of all-time. I pitched the 103rd Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks (Alaska, June 19, 2008) after losing the 62nd Midnight Sun Game. That's 41 years between first and last. I think I was throwing harder this time."
1/16/9: Garko to take a shot at playing outfield

1/13/9: Tim Wallach (78) Wallach named manager of Isotopes "Having retired following the '96 season, Wallach was named hitting instructor for Class A San Bernadino in '97 and stepped in as manager of the team for the second half of the '98 season. He spent the 2000 season coaching at Cal State-Fullerton (his alma mater) before taking over as manager of the Class A Advanced Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (Angels) in '01. Wallach was the hitting coach for the Dodgers at the Major League level under Jim Tracy in '04 and '05. "

1/12/9: Brad E. Davis (03) Invited to Marlins Spring Training Camp 1/11/9: Todd Jennings (02) Resigned by SF, Invited to Spring Training "Jennings will make his fourth trip to the Giants' spring camp, as he was also a non-roster invitee in 2004 and from 2006-07. The 6-foot-0, 190-pound backstop missed most of last season after suffering a left ankle sprain and appeared in just 12 games for triple-A Fresno." 1/4/9: Royce Ring (00) Royce Ring joins Cardinals

Dave Smith (75 • 76)

d. 12/17/8

  • Dave Smith (75-76) Dave Smith remembered for his generosity | Baseball loses one of its true good guys Former Astros reliever Dave Smith was a giving person, and he made sure his younger teammates learned to value others as they adjusted to life in the majors.    Smith’s name is atop or near the top of several of the Astros’ relief categories. But as his former teammates coped with his death Wednesday, they didn’t talk about his 199 saves for the Astros or his team records for appearances (562), relief wins (53), relief innings (760) or most games finished (400).   Instead, Smith’s friends and former teammate remembered the former San Diego State pitcher’s generous nature and cool California demeanor after he died of a heart attack Wednesday at age 53.

1975 3.43 20 1 0 7 0 4 63 59 29 24 28 37 3 2
1976 2.45 3 2 0 2 0 0 11.1 10 3 3 5 6 2 1
Totals 3.27 23 3 0 9 0 4 74.1 69 32 27 33 43 5 3
“I remember the first thing he told me,” Kerfeld said. “He said, ‘Charlie, always treat everybody right because the same people you see on the way up are going to be the same people that you’ll see on the way down.’ He was correct with that advice he gave me



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 ..Pic from 6/20/9...lights on in Anchorage from the beginning...

"It took Anchorage more than a century to catch on, but this weekend the city will take a page from its neighbor to the north and host a late-night, summer solstice baseball game -- 103 years after Fairbanks first tried it."  "Unlike the Midnight Sun game in Fairbanks -- which has gained considerable national and even worldwide attention -- the Pilots won't go into the game with a strict lights-out policy."


Newly Discovered Dave Winfield Pics!




2 Teams, 16 Goldpanners !

1960 Fairbanks All-Stars: Ray Wheeler (60-61; in GP duds!), Fred Harris (61-62), George Mies (60-61-62-63-64-65-66), Paul Long (61), John Hollingsworth (60), Spencer Engle (60), Willie Taylor (60), Augie Acuna (60-61), Floyd Watson (60-61-62-63), Lou Webb (60-61), Ed Merdes (BOD:67-91), Phil Ramos (61), Bernie Bernstein (60), Red Boucher (FOUNDER - 59-69;89-09)

1960 Military All-Stars: Gonzales (61), Banales (61)


   (1960 All-Stars weaker than 1960 Panners?)

Dietz: "Cuba is the Best Team We Will Ever Play"

First Game Ever Played in Alaska Under Artificial Lights


  Organizational History

H.A. Red Boucher
H.A. 'Red' Boucher


Boucher, Dennis Span Panners' History H.A. 'Red' Boucher founded the Goldpanners in 1960 under the sponsorship of his local sporting goods store. The team, then known as the Pan Alaska Goldpanners, joined the North of the Range League and used primarily local players but did have five young recruits from the University of Arizona.

Boucher, with a great assist from his wife Heida, virtually ran the club single-handedly from its inception through the first three seasons. But a big change came at the end of the '62 campaign when the Panners went to the National  Baseball Congress Tournament and astounded all by staying in the competition. The need for funds to maintain the stay, an eventual second place finish, led to the community involvement which was to spawn today's organization.

After founding the team, Boucher managed the club through 1969, but after the 1967 season he turned over all duties associated with the team to current general manager Don Dennis. Dennis, summoned by Boucher from a newspaper post in Pueblo, CO, has been the organization's administrative leader since November of that year.    more...


The Chena River Area was first inhabited by Anglo-Americans at the beginning of the 20th Century.  The history of baseball in Fairbanks dates back to these early days of the town's founding.

In its very first year of existence as a temporary trading post, Fairbanks became a gold rush camp when the mineral was discovered by Felix Pedro.  After the gold rush settled down, the Defense Department invested millions into the area during WWII.  After the war, the discovery of oil in the North Slope brought a housing and building boom for Fairbanks.

The original trading camp has become a city teeming with activity.  Throughout the century, a main source of entertainment for the inhabitants was baseball.  Military and civilian teams were formed, and the Midnight Sun Game tradition was celebrated during the entire century and beyond. The Alaska Goldpanners evolved out of the intense competition being fielded in the Midnight Sun Baseball League.  Immediately, the new club gained dominance in the local scene, and then very shortly thereafter the nation, becoming the national non-professional team in the early 1960s.  Six NBC championships later, the Goldpanners have cemented the Fairbanks team as the most successful non-professional club in baseball history.

 No other amateur team comes close to the nearly 200 players sent to the major leagues.  Among these are three Hall of Famers, Barry Bonds, Dave Winfield, and Tom Seaver -- who holds the record for highest vote percentage in MLB Hall of Fame balloting history. has teamed up with to tell more of this amazing town's story.  Click here for the Fairbanks Community Profile