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Alaska Goldpanners

Top row, from left: Pete Tereschuk, ui, ui, Nick Degenerro, Nick Harsh, ui, ui, Doug Cey, ui, John Seefried, Stoy Newhart, Pat Dawson, ui, Dave Renkoski, Dave Dowdy.  Bottom row, from left: ui, Jim Ranson, Rob Rajsich, Jim French, ui, ui, Tom Tereschuk

1977 Alaska Goldpanners
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1977 Alaska Goldpanners Roster | Jim Dietz Dave Dowdy Ron Vaughn Ed Olsen | Dave Baker Mike Boddicker Tim Burzette Mike Carpenter Doug Cey Chris Codoroli Tom Costello Ed Crow Dan Cunningham Dave Curran Scott Davis Pat Dawson Nick DeGennero Pete Dempsey Jim Dooley Paul Doty Jeff G. Doyle Dave Edler Doug Elliott Jeff Ellison Gary Ervin Vern Followell Jim French Bob Grandas Bill Hainline Nick Harsh Ken Hatfield Brian Hayes Dave Hostetler Mike Kinnunen Vance Law Tim Leary Tim Lollar Tom Lukish Tom Michalczyk Stoy Newhart Tim O'Neil Pete Tereschuk Rob Rajsich Jim Ranson David Renoski Larry Reynolds Scott Sanderson John Seefried Brad Shames Rick Stewart Doug Stokke Tim Tolman Thad Troedson Bob Woodside | All-Time Roster All-Time Lineups




  • Second Place: NBC World Series

  • Championship: Kamloops Invitational Tournament



1977 Goldpanners (48-30)
Field Manager Jim Dietz

1BDave Hostetler .278
2BDoug Elliott .279
3BDave Edler .331
SSDoug Stokke .331
OFDave Baker .342
OFBob Grandas .287
OFTim Tolman .388
CBrad Shames .357
UTTim Burzette .303
SPTim Leary (6-5-1)2.55
SPBrian Hayes  (3-0-0)3.37
SPChris Codiroli (7-2-0)3.66
SPTim Lollar (4-0-0)5.59
RPMike Boddicker (8-2-3)1.83
Team Batting Average             .297
Team Earned Run Average    4.23

12-11 WIN vs. Red Deer M&K Generals (Alberta,CA)


Dave Baker | Mike Boddicker | Chris Codiroli | Dave Edler | Dave Hostetler | Mike Kinnunen | Vance Law | Tim Leary | Tim Lollar | Scott Sanderson | Tim Tollman








Dear Goldpanner Parent:

It won't be long before our "Summer Sons", the 1977 edition of the Alaska Goldpanners, arrive in town. We are looking forward to an exciting year with prospects for our fifth national championship. Needless to say we're anxious for the words "Play Ball"!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for keeping a Goldpanner this summer. We are sure that if this is your first experience with keeping one of these young men, you will find it very rewarding. It's a great public service that each of the Goldpanner parents perform each year.

whether you are a new Go1dpanner parent keeping a ball player for the first time or one who has kept a Go1dpanner in previous years, there are always certain questions that arise about what is expected of a parent and what is expected of the player. We would like to take this opportunity to run through a few things that might be helpful.

  1. We suggest you make the young man feel at home by explaining that you expect him to live by the same rules as your own children providing you have children and they are of similar age.
  2. If you have younger children in the family, try to remember that these young men work hard during the day, play ball in the evening and in many cases need lots of rest and sometimes like to be alone.
  3. It would not be unfair to ask a ballplayer to help with some of the chores around the house when time permits.
  4. Your responsibility is basically to provide room and board. In most cases, some form of necessary transportation is provided but is not always.
  5. Meals are an important part of the Goldpanners existence. A hardy meal late in the afternoon for some is important. Others prefer to eat a heavier meal upon returning from the ball park after an evenings game. Discuss this with your player.
  6. Show him where your laundry room is and give him brief instructions on how your machine works and let him keep up his own uniform.


Michalczyk - Mr. and Mrs. Bob Downes
Law - Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lodesquet
Baker - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dieringer
Robbins  - Mr. and Mrs. Alex Klick
Burzette - Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hovda
Grandas and Wilkins - Mr. and Mrs. Harold Batchelor
Larry Reynolds  - Mr. and Mrs. Bud Anderson
Davis and Hayes  - Mr. and Mrs. L.C. (Carol) Brice
Lukich  - Mr. and Mrs. Chip Moran
Codiroli and Leary - Mr. and Mrs. Ed Perkowski
Dawson - Mr. and Mrs. Louis Postema
Elliot - Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lake

Rajsich - Mr. and Mrs. Butch Stein
Boddicker - Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woodke
Ranson - Rev. and Mrs. Gene Straatmeyer
Lollar - Mr. and Mrs. Marty Nusbaum
Edler - Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoch
Dempsey - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Seekins
G. Doyle - Mr. and Mrs. Dean Larreau
Hostetler - Mr. and Mrs. Pete Harkovich
Harsh -  - Mr. and Mrs. Roger Anderson
Stokke - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams
Troedson - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wasser
Woodside - Mr. and Mrs. Rob Robinson



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